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Title: Neuroprotective effects of a 40% ethanol extract of the black walnut bark (Juglans nigra L.)
Authors: Pozdnyakov, D. I.
Dayronas, Z. V.
Zolotych, D. S.
Geraschenko, A. D.
Shabanova, N. B.
Keywords: medicine
Juglans nigra extract
cerebral ischemia
mitochondrial dysfunction
Issue Date: 2022
Citation: Neuroprotective effects of a 40% ethanol extract of the black walnut bark (Juglans nigra L.) / D.I. Pozdnyakov [et al.] // Research Results in Pharmacology. - 2022. - Vol.8, №2.-P. 59-68. - Doi: 10.3897/rrpharmacology.8.77172. - Refer.: p. 66-68.
Abstract: Neuroprotection is a promising area of adjuvant therapy of ischemic brain lesions. At the same time, among potentially effective neuroprotectors, herbal remedies are distinguished due to their high efficiency and safety of use. In this work, some aspects of the neuroprotective effect of 40% ethanol extract of black walnut bark were investigated in comparison with its major component juglone
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