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dc.contributor.authorGoloborodko, A.-
dc.contributor.authorSitdikov, O.-
dc.contributor.authorKaibyshev, R.-
dc.contributor.authorMiura, H.-
dc.contributor.authorSakai, T.-
dc.identifier.citationEffect of pressing temperature on fine-grained structure formation in 7475 aluminum alloy during ECAP / A. Goloborodko, O. Sitdikov, R. Kaibyshev et al. // Materials Science and Engineering A. - 2004. - Vol.381, N1-2.-P. 121-128. - doi: 10.1016/
dc.description.abstractThe effect of pressing temperature on microstructural development under ECAP conditionswas studied in an as-cast 7475 aluminum alloy at temperatures from 523 to 673 K. The samples were pressed by using route A up to strains of 12. Newequiaxial grains with high angle boundaries (HABS) start to be formed after three passes and then gradually developed with repeated ECAP, finally, followed by fully development of a new fine-grained structureru
dc.subjectmetal scienceru
dc.subjectpressing temperatureru
dc.subjectfine-grained structureru
dc.subjectaluminum alloyru
dc.titleEffect of pressing temperature on fine-grained structure formation in 7475 aluminum alloy during ECAPru
dc.identifier.citationpublicationMaterials Science and Engineering Aru
dc.description.institutionBelgorod State Universityru
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