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dc.contributor.authorPokrovskiy, M. V.-
dc.contributor.authorKorokin, M. V.-
dc.contributor.authorTsepeleva, S. A.-
dc.contributor.authorPokrovskaya, T. G.-
dc.contributor.authorKochkarov, V. I.-
dc.identifier.citationArginase inhibitor in the pharmacological correction of endothelial dysfunction / M.V. Pokrovskiy, ... T.G. Pokrovskaya, ... V.I. Kochkarov et al. ; Belgorod State University // International journal of hypertension. - 2011. - Vol.2011.-Art. 515047. - doi: 10.4061/2011/
dc.description.abstractThis paper is about a way of correction of endothelial dysfunction with the inhibitor of arginase: L-norvaline. There is an imbalance between vasoconstriction and vasodilatation factors of endothelium on the basis of endothelial dysfunction. Among vasodilatation agents, nitrogen oxide plays the basic roleru
dc.subjectinternal medicineru
dc.subjectheart diseaseru
dc.subjectarterial hypertensionru
dc.subjectendothelial dysfunctionru
dc.titleArginase inhibitor in the pharmacological correction of endothelial dysfunctionru
dc.identifier.citationpublicationInternational journal of hypertensionru
dc.description.institutionBelgorod State Universityru
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