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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018New personalized genetic mouse model of Lesch-Nyhan syndrome for pharmacology and gene therapyKalmykov., V. A.; Kusov, P. A.; Yablonskaia, M. I.; Korshunov, E. N.; Korshunova, D. S.
2018Investigation of the bischofite gel reparative effect on the linear wound modelMayorova, A. V.; Sysuev, B. B.; Khanaliyeva, I. A.; Tretyakova, E. V.; Evseeva, S. B.
20182-phenyl-1-(3-pyrrolidin-1-il-propyl)-1H-indole hydrochloride (SS-68): antiarrhythmic and cardioprotective activity and Its molecular mechanisms of actionBogus, S. K.; Galenko-Yaroshevsky, P. A.; Suzdalev, K. F.; Sukoyan, G. V.; Abushkevich, V. G.
2018The results of the study of the carcinogenic properties of glucosaminylmuramyldipeptide GMDP in chronic experiments in mice and ratsGudyrev, O. S.; Andronova, T. M.; Nesterova, E. I.
2018Pharmacological correction of experimental osteoporosis and fractures related to it by means of rosuvastatin, L-norvaline and their combinationSobolev, M. S.; Faitelson, A. V.; Rajkumar, D. S. R.
2018Forming statin response in patients with coronary heart disease in presence of acute respiratory viral infections by means of genetic markersMal, G. S.; Gribovskaya, I. A.
2018Assessment of senior medical care majors’ knowledge in antimicrobial chemotherapyBontsevich, R. A.; Kirienko, J. A.; Bogatova, V. E.; Miliutina, E. V.; Kovalenko, V. S.
2018Effects of dimephosphone on skin survival in conditions of reduced blood circulationGalenko-Yaroshevsky, P. A.; Nefedov, D. A.; Zelenskaya, A. V.; Pavlyuchenko, I. I.; Chuyan, E. N.
2018Correction of morphofunctional disorders with asialoerythropoietin and selective inhibitor of arginase II KUD975 in cases of ischemic kidney damage in the experimentElagin, V. V.; Bratchikov, O. I.; Zatolokina, M. A.
2018Search and evaluation of pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic parameters of selective blocker of TRPA₁ ion channels from the group of substituted pyrazinopyrimidinonesBeskhmelnitsyna, E. A.; Dolzhikova, I. N.; Avtina, T. V.; Kulikov, A. L.; Rozhnova, D. V.; Yakushev, V. I.; Martynov, M. A.