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dc.contributor.authorTishkov, A. A.-
dc.contributor.authorKostovska, S. K.-
dc.contributor.authorDobryanskii, A. S.-
dc.identifier.citationTishkov, A.A. Expeditions of the institute of geography RAS during the 20th–21st centuries (to the 100th anniversary of the institute) / A.A. Tishkov, S.K. Kostovska, A.S. Dobryanskii // Geography and Natural Resources. - 2018. - Vol.39, №3.-P. 277-286. - Doi: 10.1134/
dc.description.abstractIn the lead-up to the 100th anniversary of the Institute of Geography RAS, we summarized the salient features and chronology of its field investigations into the country’s nature and resources during the 20th-21st centuries. It is shown that the institute’s history has embodied all stages of evolution of national geography: the traditions of the late 19th century with their departure from the perception of geography as a “descriptive” science and the development of genetic (V.V. Dokuchaev’s) and chorological (A. Hettner’s) approaches, the development of the sectoral specialization of science, the introduction of modern methods: remote sensing, navigation and geoinformation technologies, and the formation of the geography of the 21st century as a philosophical phenomenon and a synthetic discipline with profound prospects for a better understanding a rapidly changing worldru
dc.subjecthistory of geographyru
dc.subjectFar Eastru
dc.titleExpeditions of the institute of geography RAS during the 20th–21st centuries (to the 100th anniversary of the institute)ru
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