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Title: The methodological problems of “human-sizedness” of modern cosmological theories
Authors: Penkov, V. E.
Subbotin, A. V.
Keywords: philosophy
philosophical anthropology
anthropic principle
the Universe
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Penkov, V.E. The methodological problems of “human-sizedness” of modern cosmological theories / V.E. Penkov, A.V. Subbotin ; НИУ БелГУ // Научный результат. Сер. Социальные и гуманитарные исследования. - 2014. - Т.1, №2(2).-С. 85-91.
Abstract: The article is picking up new methodological approaches to the study of the Cosmos and the understanding of the place of a human being in the Universe. The article has a methodological character and is presented in the form of the analysis and synthesis of various aspects of the study of this problem. The article considers theoretical and methodological aspects of cosmology, the analysis of modern scientific theories, the scope of their applicability. The obtained outputs can be used in cosmological modeling and in the studies of anthropological and existential aspects of cosmology
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