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Title: Formation of the system of risk management in small and medium business
Authors: Kucheryavenko, S. A.
Stenyushkina, S. G.
Keywords: economy
economy organizations
risk management
classification of risks
small business
medium business
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Kucheryavenko, S.A. Formation of the system of risk management in small and medium business / S. A. Kucheryavenko, S. G. Stenyushkina // Научный результат. Сер. Экономические исследования. - 2016. - Т.2, №2(8).-С. 52-57. - DOI: 10.18413/2409-1634-2016-2-2-52-57. - Refer.: p. 57.
Abstract: In the conditions of the increased turbulence of external environment the risk management is a key aspect in activity of any organization functioning in market economy. It is connected with the fact that the risk factor arises in various fields of activity, and the timely identification, analysis and adoption of the relevant decision on a way of management of this or that risk allows the organization to avoid the crisis phenomena and by that is both the protective mechanism, and a factor of success of the company
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