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Title: Hermeneutics and community
Authors: Govedarica, Milanko
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Govedarica, Milanko. Hermeneutics and community / Milanko Govedarica // NOMOTHETIKA: Философия. Социология. Право. - 2020. - Т.45, №4. - С. 623-632. - Doi:10.18413/2712-746X-2020-44-4-623-632
Abstract: The broader meaning of hermeneutics is presented, a meaning that cannot be reduced to the method of scientific research. It is assumed that the basis of hermeneutical rationality is the human way of life, which is characterized not by total self-control, but by a clear interweaving of unconscious and conscious processes. In this context, the thesis that the hermeneutical procedure is inextricably linked with social life, verbal communication, and the cognitive-emotional-volitional receptivity of others is explained
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