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dc.contributor.authorNekipelova, E. V.-
dc.contributor.authorNovakova, O. N.-
dc.contributor.authorYakunchenko, T. I.-
dc.contributor.authorKrikun, E. N.-
dc.contributor.authorZhernakova, N. I.-
dc.contributor.authorEfremova, O. A.-
dc.identifier.citationClinical and genetic research of chronic glomerulonephritis / E.V. Nekipelova [et al.] // Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences. - 2016. - Vol.7, №6.-P.
dc.description.abstractThe paper presents data on interaction of candidate genes (S311C PON2, (-6)A/G AGT, (-1166)A/CAGTR1, (-592)C/A IL-10, VNTR IL-1Ra, T113M IL-9, K198N EDN1, (+46)G/A ADRB2, G/A GNB3 (rs.2301339)) with oligogenic and continuous characters of chronic glomerulonephritis-
dc.subjectchronic glomerulonephritisru
dc.subjectmedical geneticsru
dc.subjectcandidate genesru
dc.subjectgenetic polymorphismru
dc.subjectclinical syndromes of onsetru
dc.subjectcreatinine levelru
dc.subjecthematuria levelru
dc.titleClinical and genetic research of chronic glomerulonephritisru
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