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dc.contributor.authorKolesnichenko, P. D.-
dc.contributor.authorGudyrev, O. S.-
dc.contributor.authorZhuchenko, M. A.-
dc.contributor.authorZhernakova, N. I.-
dc.contributor.authorFaitelson, A. V.-
dc.identifier.citationEvaluation of carbamylated darbepoetin acute toxicity / P.D. Kolesnichenko [et al.] // International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences. - 2018. - Vol.9, №3.-P. 725-730. - DOI: - Refer.: p.
dc.description.abstractCarbamylated darbepoetin is a promising pharmacological agent with universal cytoprotective activity. To assess the acute toxicity, the drug was administered to white laboratory mice and white laboratory rats subcutaneously (from 1000 to 5000 μg / kg) and intravenously (500 to 2500 μg / kg). There was no lethality and no phenotypic changes (including from the red blood sprout) in both species of animals. The study showed that the drug carbamylated darbepoetin (Pharmapark, Russia) belongs to the IV class of low-toxic drugsru
dc.subjectpharmacological agentsru
dc.subjectcarbamylated darbepoetinru
dc.subjectacute toxicityru
dc.titleEvaluation of carbamylated darbepoetin acute toxicityru
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