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dc.contributor.authorShapovalova, I. S.-
dc.contributor.authorLebedev, S. D.-
dc.contributor.authorPitka, S. V.-
dc.contributor.authorKisilenko, A. V.-
dc.contributor.authorGozhenko, G. I.-
dc.identifier.citationInformation sphere: prospects of  development and social risks / I.S. Shapovalova [et al.] // Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences. - 2018. - Vol.10, №4S, spec. is.-P. 1301-1312. - Doi: 10.4314/jfas.v10i4s.287. - Refer.: p.
dc.description.abstractIn article the increasing relevance and the information importance in spheres of the modern habitat of the person from a position of a scientific discourse, public attention and dialogue of the international community is consideredru
dc.subjectnatural sphereru
dc.subjectsociocultural sphereru
dc.subjecthabitat of the personru
dc.subjectinformation sphereru
dc.subjectconsciousness virtualizationru
dc.subjectcommunicative capitalru
dc.subjectinformation risksru
dc.subjectsocial risksru
dc.subjectsociological researchru
dc.titleInformation sphere: prospects of development and social risksru
Appears in Collections:Статьи из периодических изданий и сборников (на иностранных языках) = Articles from periodicals and collections (in foreign languages)

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