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Title: Anthropogenic transformation of hydrological regime of the Dnieper river
Authors: Pichura, V. I.
Malchykova, D. S.
Ukrainskij, P. A.
Shakhman, I. A.
Bystriantseva, A. N.
Keywords: geophysics
hydrological regime
trophic state
Dnieper river
Dnieper reservoirs
spatio-temporal changes
remote sensing
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Anthropogenic transformation of hydrological regime of the Dnieper river / V.I. Pichura [и др.] // Indian Journal of Ecology. - 2018. - Vol.45, N3.-P. 445-453.
Abstract: Problems of rational water use and water quality assessment are the priorities of many states, especially in the basins of transboundary rivers. Creation and functioning of the cascade of Dnieper reservoirs led to a radical transformation of the hydrological regime of the Dnieper river. As a result, there occurred a significant deterioration of the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of surface water quality, increase of its trophic state, reduction of the efficiency and stability of the aquatic ecosystem of the Dnieper basin, which is largely determined by anthropogenic factors
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