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dc.contributor.authorLisetskii, F.-
dc.contributor.authorMatsibora, A.-
dc.contributor.authorKuraieva, I.-
dc.contributor.authorVoitiuk, Y.-
dc.identifier.citationGeoinformation modelling of heavy metals spatial distribution in soils of polyfunctional towns / F. Lisetskii [и др.] // Journal Engineering and Applied Sciences. - 2018. - Vol.13, №8.-P. 2013-2017. - Refer: p.
dc.description.abstractFactors of anthropogenic load and heavy metals pollution of soils of polyfunctional towns' urban-ecology systems are considered in the article. Geoinformation modelling of heavy metals spatial distribution has been performed within urban soils. Insight has been provided into a connection between functioning of anthropogenic objects and heavy metals gross content characteristic on the adjacent areasru
dc.subjectsoil scienceru
dc.subjecturban soilsru
dc.subjectheavy metalsru
dc.subjectroad transportru
dc.subjectsoil pollutionru
dc.subjectgeochemical assessmentru
dc.titleGeoinformation modelling of heavy metals spatial distribution in soils of polyfunctional townsru
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