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dc.contributor.authorVirchenko, Y. P.-
dc.contributor.authorLam Tan Phat-
dc.identifier.citationVirchenko, Y.P. One-dimensional stochastic model of radiative heat transfer in dielectric medium / Y. P. Virchenko, Lam Tan Phat // Functional Materials. - 2016. - Vol.23, N1.-P. 75-82. - DOI: 10.15407/fm23.01.075. - Refer.: p.
dc.description.abstractOne-dimensional stochastic model that describes radiative heat transfer in dielectric medium is built. It is done on the basis of representation that heat transfer in a solid is realized both by means of its heat conductivity and by means of the heat electromagnetic radiation which is generated by thermal fluctuations in the mediumru
dc.subjectmathematical physicsru
dc.subjectstochastic modelru
dc.subjectradiative heat transferru
dc.subjectdielectric mediumru
dc.subjectfluctuation-dissipative theoremru
dc.titleOne-dimensional stochastic model of radiative heat transfer in dielectric mediumru
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