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dc.contributor.authorLisetskii, F. N.-
dc.contributor.authorPichura, V. I.-
dc.identifier.citationLisetskii, F.N. Assessment and forecast of soil formation under irrigation in the steppe zone of Ukraine / F. N. Lisetskii, V. I. Pichura // Russian Agricultural Sciences. - 2016. - Vol.42, N2.-Р. 155-159. - DOI: 10.3103/
dc.description.abstractSimulation of changes in energy costs of soil formation during the period of irrigation reclamation in the steppe zone has been performed using Wavelets analysis. A method has been proposed for the evaluation of natural anthropogenic soil forming process with consideration for the contribution of irrigation water to the hydrothermal regime during the growing season and the prediction of soil evolution under the effect of changing climatic conditions for the area of irrigated agricultureru
dc.subjectsoil geographyru
dc.subjectirrigation reclamationru
dc.subjectsteppe zoneru
dc.subjectsoil formationru
dc.titleAssessment and forecast of soil formation under irrigation in the steppe zone of Ukraineru
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