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dc.contributor.authorKrikun, E. N.-
dc.contributor.authorMartirosov, E. G.-
dc.identifier.citationKrikun, E. N. The influence of some ecological factors on physical development of infants / E. N. Krikun, E. G. Martirosov // Abstrakts der Vorträge und Poster 22. Arbeitstagung der Anatomischen Gesellschaft in Würzburg, 28-30 September 2005. - Würzburg, 2005. - S.
dc.description.abstractThe investigation of physical development of infants from ecologically dirty districts Belgorod region was conducted. For the period from 1984 till 2004 the main data on morphofunctial indicators of infants were made from the cases of births and the cases of newborn developmentsru
dc.subjectlife sciencesru
dc.subjectphysical developmentru
dc.subjectecologically dirty districtsru
dc.subjectmorphofunctial indicatorsru
dc.subjectBelgorod regionru
dc.titleThe influence of some ecological factors on physical development of infantsru
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