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dc.contributor.authorAlekseev, V. I.-
dc.contributor.authorEliseev, A. N.-
dc.contributor.authorIrribarra, E. F.-
dc.contributor.authorNazhmudinov, P. M.-
dc.contributor.authorNasonov, N. N.-
dc.identifier.citationDiagnostics of nanodisperse polycrystals based on the polarization bremsstrahlung of relativistic electrons / V. I. Alekseev, A. N. Eliseev, E. F. Irribarra et al. // Journal of Surface Investigation. X-ray, Synchrotron and Neutron Techniques. - 2014. - Vol.8, №2.-P. 347-350. - 10.1134/
dc.description.abstractThe spectra of polarization bremsstrahlung are measured in the backscattering geometry during the interaction of 7 MeV electrons with a polycrystalline Ni foil. Measurement is conducted under condi tions such that the size of the region of coherent Xray radiation scattering in a target is on the order of 10 nm. The obtained results make it possible to suggest that using polarization bremsstrahlung as a new method for the diagnostics of the atomic structures of nanodisperse polycrystals is effectiveru
dc.subjectsolid state physicsru
dc.subjectnanodisperse polycrystalsru
dc.subjectpolarization bremsstrahlungru
dc.subjectrelativistic electronsru
dc.titleDiagnostics of nanodisperse polycrystals based on the polarization bremsstrahlung of relativistic electronsru
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