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Title: Modeling of guiding of 10 keV electron beam by planar dielectric surface
Authors: Vokhmyanina, K. A.
Zhukova, P. N.
Irribarra, E. Ph.
Kubankin, A. S.
Nazhmudinov, R. M.
Keywords: physics
electron beams
electron emission
dielectric surface
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Modeling of guiding of 10 keV electron beam by planar dielectric surface / K. A. Vokhmyanina, P .N. Zhukova, E. Ph Irribarra et al. // 20th International Workshop on Beam dynamics and optimization, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, 30 gune-4 july, 2014 / Saint-Petersburg State University ; ed. D.A. Ovsyannikov. - Saint-Petersburg, 2014. - P. 187.
Abstract: Study of 10 keV electron beam reflection from a single planar dielectric surface was made. Guiding effect for some part of the beam was observed within grazing angles of incidence. Ionization, electron emission and drain of the surface charge were considered in the computer model to explain the results
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