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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Paleoecological Conditions Antiquity in the Northern Black Sea Region  (According to the Sedimentation in Lake Saki, Crimea)Lisetskii, F. N.; Pichura, V. I.
2016Paradigm of modern pharmacology: development and current approachesReznikov, K. M.
2009Parametric X-ray radiation along relativistic electron velocity in asymmetric Laue geometryBlazhevich, S. V.; Noskov, A. V.
2007Parametric X-ray radiation along the velocity of relativistic electron in a Bragg scattering geometryBlazhevich, S. V.; Noskov, A. V.
2006Parametric X-rays along the velocity direction of an emitting particle under conditions of the Cherenkov effectNasonov, N.; Zhukova, P.; Hubbell, J. H.
2009Partial grain refinement in Al-3%Cu alloy during ECAP at elevated temperaturesMazurina, I.; Sakai, T.; Miura, H.; Sitdikov, O.; Kaibyshev, R.
2013Particular qualities of micro evolutionary adaptation processes in cenopopulations Medicago L. on carbonate forest-steppe soils in European RussiaDumacheva, E. V.; Cheriavskih, V. I.
2002Passage of fast charged particles through bent crystals and nanotubesGreenenko, A. A.
2011Pastures in the zone of temperate climate: trends for development, dynamics, ecological fundamentals of rational useLisetskii, F. N.; Chernyavskikh, V. I.; Degtyar, O. V.
2014Pathomorphological aspects of thermal traumaPavlova, T. V.; Markovskaya, V.; Bashuk, I.; Kolesnicov, D.
2012Paths of development of personality research potential of high school students in the context of culture creativityMakotrova, G. V.
2008Peculiarities in the emission from relativistic electrons moving in a polycrystalline targetNasonov, N.; Zhukova, P.; Rakitjansky, A.
2006Peculiarities in the low energy range of the bremsstrahlung spectrumNasonov, N.; Zhukova, P.
2005Peculiarities in the spectrum of coherent emission from relativistic electrons crossing a thin aligned crystalNasonov, N.; Pokhil, G.; Zhukova, P.
2014Peculiarities of machine translation technologies implementation in major on-line translators: comparative studyGimazitdinov, E. I.; Morel Morel, D. A.
2015Peculiarities of polyneuropathy in the peripheral t-cell lymphoma with cytostaticsGubarev, Y. D.; Yatsenko, E. A.; Avdeeva, I. V.
2017Peculiarities of Soils on the Sand Bar of the Evpatoria Group of Lakes = Особенности почв на песчаном баре Евпаторийской группы озерLisetskii, F. N.
2004Peculiarities of soliton motion in molecular systems with high dispersionKrasilnikov, V. V.; Savotchenko, S. E.
2010Peculiarities of students academic motivation under two-tier system of education in RussiaGerasimova, A.
2013Peculiarities of the structure of soil cover in the industrial zone of the mining enterprises of the Belgorod regionChuikova, E. G.; Novykh, L. L.