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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Habitation layers and pedogenic processes in forest-steppe riverine valleys west of the don: the case of iIyinkaFedyunin, I. V.; Goleusov, P. V.; Sarapulkin, V. A.; Merkulov, A. N.
2009Hall effect in the new diluted magnetic semiconductor p-CdSb:NiLaiho R.; Lashkul A.V.; Lisunov K.G.; Lahderanta E.; Shakhov M.A.
2014Hall-petch relationship in an Al-Mg-Sc alloy subjected to ECAPDubyna, A.; Mogucheva, A.; Kaibyshev, R.
2004Hamiltonian dynamics of biaxial nematics with the molecular shape taken into accountIvashin, A. P.; Kovalevsky, M. Yu.; Logvinova, L. V.
2016Hand-grip strength as an indicator for predicting the success in martial arts athletesIermakov, S. S.; Podrigalo, L. V.; Jagiełło, W.
2009Hardy space of solutions of elliptic systems on the planeSoldatov, A. P.
2015"Hazardous zones" within "security perimeter": comparative study on the material of folkloric discourseRyazanova, E. V.; Morel Morel, D. A.
2020Hegel's logic revisited, reconsidered and applied. Hegel for social movements by Andy Blunden, Leiden, Boston, Brill, 2019 : book reviewMaidansky, A.
2020Helminthes of mouse-like rodents in the Belogorye State Nature Reserve (Russia)Kononova, M. I.; Prisniy, Y. A.
2008Hematologic state of elderly diabetes patients against metabolic disordersLipunova, Ye. A.; Skorkina, M. Yu.; Tukin, V. N.
2019Hemodynamic criteria of the circulatory system in ethnic groups of students with different types of autonomic regulation of the heart rateMohammed J.I. Al-Shammari; Pogrebnyak, T. A.; Khorolska, E. N.; Vorobeva, O. V.; Sagalaeva, I. V.
2019Hepatoprotective effect of opioid peptides in stressSolin, A. V.; Lyashev, Y. D.; Tsygan, N. V.
2019Hereditary disease epidemiology study as the basis for pharmacotherapy need determination among newbornsSorokina, I. N.; Vinoglyadova, S. V.; Rudyh, N. A.; Bezmenova, I. N.; Verzilina, I. N.; Orlova, V. S.
2020Hermeneutics and communityGovedarica, Milanko
2020Hermeneutics of translation and understanding of violenceBorisov, S. N.; Rimsky, V. P.
2014Hetero-association of aromatic molecules in aqueous solutionEvstigneev, M. P.
2017Hierarchical structure of pathogenic polypore fungi community on pedunculate oak in the oak forests of the southwest of the Central russian uplandDunaev, A. V.; Tokhtar, V. K.; Dunaeva, E. N.; Dumacheva, Y. V.
1999High efficiency compact source of monochromatic tunable X-rayradiation on base of electron accelerator with moderate particle energyGrishin, V. K.; Likhachev, S. P.; Nasonov, N. N.
1997High resolution measurements of energy loss distribution of light ions with -100 kev transmitted through carbon filmsMatsunami, N.
2004High strain rate superplasticity in a commercial Al–Mg–Sc alloyMusin F.; Kaibyshev R.; Motohashi Y.; Itoh G.