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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Games and play: paths towards childhood humanizationCarvalho, R. S.; Colombo, B. D.; Oliveira E. da R
2018Gel with Ectoine improves wound healing on a thermal burn model in ratsMajorova, A. V.; Sysuev, B. B.; Sokolova-Merkureva, A. V.; Evseeva, S. B.; Nesterova, N. I.
2019Gender and age differences of compliance in liver transplant recipientsKosmacheva, E. D.; Babich, A. E.
2018Gender of children and preschool program models as factors in preschool children’s creativityFilipović, S.
2015Gender peculiarities of color terms in French fashion magazinesKupina, N. I.; Kamyshanchenko, E. A.; Kalyuzhnaya, E. V.; Gaidukova, N. I.
2018Gene polimorphism and endometrium hyperplastic processesPonomarenko, I. V.; Kulikovskiy, V. F.; Sorokina, I. N.; Dolzhikov, A. A.; Polonikov, A. V.
2015Gene pool similarities and differences between Ukrainians and Russians of slobozhanshchina based on Y-chromosome dataRootsi, S.; Utevska, O. M.; Pshenichnov, A. S.; Dibirova, Kh. D.; Churnosov, M. I.
2016General approaches to gestalt’s definition: linguistic, sociologic and psychologic points of viewProkhorova, O. N.; Chekulai, I. V.; Baghana, J.; Kuprieva, I. A.; Gudz, O. V.
2014General features of the energetics of complex formation between ligand and nucleic acidsKostjukov, V. V.; Rogova, O. V.; Evstigneev, M. P.
2013General statistical-thermodynamical treatment of one-dimensional multicomponent molecular hetero-assembly in solutionBuchelnikov, A. S.; Evstigneev, V. P.; Evstigneev, M. P.
2018Generalized Cauchy integrals on the planePolunin, V. A.; Soldatov, A. P.
2009Generalized potential of double layer for second order elliptic systems = Обобщенный потенциал двойного слоя для эллиптических систем второго порядкаSoldatov, A. P.
2007Generalized solutions to linearized equations of thermoelastic solid and viscous thermofluidMeirmanov, A. M.; Sazhenkov, S. A.
2020Generalized sub band analysis and signal synthesisZhilyakov, E. G.; Belov, S. P.; Oleinik, I. I.; Babarinov, S. L.; Trubitsyna, D. I.
2000Generation of circularly polarized photons by relativistic electrons moving in a crystalNasonov, N. N.; Pokhil, G. P.; Tulinov, A. F.
1997Generation of polarized gamma-quanta by relativtstic electrons interacted with an atomic string in a crystalDmitrienko, V.; Lapko, V.; Nasonov, N.; Nasonova, V.
2019Generation of surface polaritons in dielectric cylindrical waveguidesKotanjyan, A. S.; Mkrtchyan, A. R.; Saharian, A. A.; Kotanjyan, V. Kh.
2014Genes involved in the regulation of vascular homeostasis determine renal survival rate in patients with chronic glomerulonephritisLitovkina, O.; Nekipelova, E.; Dvornyk, V.; Polonikov, A.; Efremova, O. A.
2015Genes Involved in Vascular Homeostasis are responsible for alterations in erythrocyte membrane proteins in patients with essential hypertensionPolonikov, A.; Ushachev, D.; Krivoshei, I.; Sirotina, S.; Churnosov, M.
2017Genes of tumor necrosis factors and their receptors and the primary open angle glaucoma in the population of Central RussiaTikunova, E.; Ovtcharova, V.; Reshetnikov, E.; Polonikov, A.; Churnosov, M.