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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Representation problems of intercultural communications by magazine "Rassian reporter"Beloedova, A. V.; Kazak, M. Yu.
2011Reproductive toxicity of carbon nanostructured material - a promising carrier of drugs in laboratory miceGusev, A. A.; Snegin, E. A.; Polyakova, I. A.
2011Research method on print and online journalism textsVolkov, A. S.
2011Research of organizational culture of LLC "Dmitrotaranovsky Sugar Plant"Bulchuk, V. A.
2013Research of regional growth and development theoriesRomanova, M. V.; Rastvortseva, S. N.
2016Research of sensitivity of some measures of quality assessment of hidden information in the audio contentLykholob, P. G.; Medvedeva, A. A.; Likhogodina, E. C.; Mishina, O. O.
2017Research of wound healing effect of phytomineralsorbent on the basis of montmorilloniteKrut, U. A.; Shaposhnikov, A. A.; Korokin, M. V.
2016Research on physical characteristics of hydraulic filling massDonetsky, S. V.; Ermolovich, E. A.
2018Research on submicron-grained structure formation in titanium alloys upon reversible hydrogenation and plastic deformationPanin, P. V.; Manokhin, S. S.; Dzunovich, D. A.
2014Research potential as a basis for innovative development of the regionDoroshenko, Yu. A.; Minaeva, L. A.; Somina, I. V.; Manin, A. V.; Avilova, Z. N.
2012Research universities as innovative points in the development of the regionLomovtseva, O.; Shumakova, I.; Tsurikova, L.
2016Researches and grounds of design of pharmaceutical development and industrial introduction of production of parenteral preparations on the basis of recombinant proteinsGoy, A. M.; Voskoboynikova, G. L.; Gapon, N. V.; Kuznets, D. O
2020Residual stresses in Ti6Al4V alloy after surface texturing by femtosecond laser pulsesZhidkov, M. V.; Smirnov, N. A.; Chen, J.; Kudryashov, S. I.; Goncharov, I. Y.
2009Residues of logarithmic differential forms = Вычеты логарифмических дифференциальных формAleksandrov, A. G.
2011Resoiling on anthropogenically disturbed surfaces in the southern taiga subzoneLisetskii, F. N.; Goleusov, P. V.
2012Restoration of agricultural lands affected by erosional degradationLisetskii, F. N.
2019Restrictions to the right of property: constitutional versions in the post-soviet countriesSushkov, P. A.; Markhgeym, M. V.; Genzyuk, E. E.; Novikova, A. E.; Doronina, O. N.
2018Restrictive resource of constitutional duties: the experience of Cis CountriesChistyukhina, M. V.; Gavrishov, D. V.; Lebed, A. V.; Markhgeym, M. V.; Sushkov, P. A.
2018Restrictive-regulatory potential of procedural standardDyachenko, O. V.; Kuksin, I. N.; Makogon, B. V.; Spektor, L. A.; Vladimirova, O. V.
2016Results from the first use of low radioactivity argon in a dark matter searchAgnes, P.; Agostino, L.; Albuquerque, I. F. M.; Alexander, T.; Kubankin, A.