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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014The Dnieper-Don forest-steppe as an ethno-contact zone: Russia, the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth, and the Crimean Khanate = Днепро-Донская лесостепь как этноконтактная зона: Россия, Речь Посполитая и Крымское ханствоPapkov, A. I.
1984The dynamic models of geomorphological systems : the qualitative theory of dynamic systems applicationTrofimov, A. M.; Moskovkin, V. M.
2016The dynamics of hydro-ecological indicators of rivers in the area of placement mining enterprises of region KMAKurepina, V. A.; Kolmykov, S. N.; Kornilov, A. G.
2015The Effect of a Frailty Management Program on the Rehabilitation of Elderly Patients after Surgical TreatmentGorelik, S. G.; Lutsenko, V. D.; Prashchayeu, K. I.; Tatyanenko, T. N.
2004The effect of argon plasma on variable-valence oxides in synthesis of mineralsBessmertnyi, V. S.; Minko, N. I.; Glaz, V. N.; Dyumina, P. S.; Trubitsin, M. A.
2018The effect of derivatives of tetrahydropyrido[2,1-b][1,3,5] thiadiazine on hematologic indices of rats with subacute parotitisBybik, E. Y.; Yaroshevskaya, O. G.; Demenko, A. V.; Frolov, K. A.; Dotsenko, V. V.
2009The effect of dispersion hardening on the regularities and mechanisms of the creep of copper with submicron grain sizesGrabovetskaya, G. P.; Mishin, I. P.; Kolobov, Yu. R.
2008The effect of irradiation with nitrogen ions on the properties of pyrolytic graphiteLigacheva, E. A.; Ivanov, M. B.; Gavrilov, N. V.; Emlin, D. R.; Betsofen, S. Y.
2017The effect of Levo and Trigard pesticides on the life of potato moth insect Phthorimaea Operculella (Zeller)=Влияние пестицидов Levo и Trigard на смертность картофельной моли Phthorimaea Operculella (Zeller)Merzah H. Hadi; Abbas Gh. Hamzah; Mohammad H. Shabaa
2017The effect of new forms for external application on the vasodilating function of the endothelium and the concentration of endothelial nitric oxide synthases in rats with an experimental model of a pathological scar at early healing timesVoronkov, A. V.; Gamzeleva, O. Yu.
2012The effect of nitriding at low temperatures on tribological and magnetic properties of austenitic stainless steelSmolyakova, M. Yu.; Vershinin, D. S.; Kolobov, Yu. R.; Chernikov, S. V.; Stognei, O. V.; Tregubov, I. M.
2008The effect of strain on the development of ultra-fine grain structure in 7055 aluminium alloy processed by equal channel angular extrusionNikulin, I.; Motohashi, Y.; Kaibyshev, R.
2002The effect of the medium on the thermocapillary force of a heated droplet drifting in a viscous liquid in the field of external temperature gradientMalai, N. V.; Shchukin, E. R.; Yalamov, Yu. I.
2009The effect that nitrogen ion irradiation and the deposition of a nanosize-thick carbon coating have on microhardness and crack-growth resistance in siliconKolpakov, A. Ya.; Druchinina, O. A.; Kharchenko, V. A.
2012The effectiveness of social networks in a regional communityReutov, E. V.; Kolpina, L. V.; Reutova, M. N.; Boiarinova, I. V.
2015The electrical properties of coating obtained by vacuum arc depositionNovikov, V. Yu.; Goncharov, I. Yu.; Zakhvalinskii, V. S.; Kolpakov, A. Y.; Ivanov, M. B.; Kolesnicov, D. A.
2017The electronics, trigger and data acquisition system for the liquid argon time projection chamber of the DarkSide-50 search for dark matteAgnes, P.; Alexander, T.; Alton, A. K.; Asner, D. M.; Kubankin, A.
2017The Eruption of Rumi’s PoetryMahdieh Boostani
2016The etiological structure of mass diseases with young gastro and respiratory syndromeZuev, N. P.; Bukhanov, V. D.; Vezentsev, A. I.; Sokolovskiy, P. V.; Khmirov, A. V.
2015The evolution of local human civilizations and the problem of the proliferation of standards in international relations = Цивилизационное измерение проблемы распространения норм в системе международных отношенийGusev, L. I.; Kazantsev, A. A.