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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016New approaches of morfofunktional pharmacological correction of violations of cardiovascular system in experimental preeclampsiaGureev, V. V.
2017New approaches to prevention of NSAID-gastropathyKholodov, D. B.; Nikolaevsky, V. A.; Chernov, Yu. N.; Buzlama, A. V.
2012New Bryokhutuliinia species (bryophyta) with sporophytes from the upper jurassic of TransbaikaliaIgnatov, M. S.; Karasev, E. V.; Sinitsa, S. M.; Maslova, E. V.
2016New challenges of corporate managementSerkina, O. V.
2008New equation for average topological characteristics of the interphase surface in heterogeneous mediaBushlanov, V. P.
1998New grain formation during warm deformation of ferritic stainless steelBelyakov, A.; Kaibyshev, R.; Sakai, T.
2004New grain formation in a coarse-grained 7475 Al alloy during severe hot forgingSitdikov, O.; Sakai, T.; Goloborodko, A.; Miura, H.; Kaibyshev, R.
2015New guidelines as a basis for crisis settlement in the health-oriented teacher training activitiesLe-van, T. N.
2015New guidelines as a basis for crisis settlement in the health-oriented teacher training activitiesLe-van, T. N.
2018New methods to detect early manifestations of adverse side effects of glucocorticosteroids in childrenBatishcheva, G. A.; Zhdanova, O. A.; Nastausheva, N. L.; Goncharova, N .Y.; Chernov, Y. N.
2014New pathomorphological approaches to study of appendicitis in childrenPavlova, T. V.; Lysov, A.; Nesterova, A.; Bashuk, I.
2010New-generation thermotechnical steels for power-plant machine buildingKaibyshev, R. O.
2007Nguetseng's two-scale convergence method for filtration and seismic acoustic problems in elastic porous mediaMeirmanov, A. M.
2013"Nomen est omen", или к истории Таврики рубежа н.э.Чореф, М. М.
2018Noms d’especes naturellesPonomareva, A. N.
2009Non-isothermal filtration and seismic acoustic in porous soils : thermo-viscoelastic and Lam'e equationsMeirmanov, A.
2017Non-verbal Communication across Cultures: a Case Study of Chinese, Polish, Turkish and (Yemeni) Arabic CulturesIssa Al-Qaderi; Ahmed Alduais; Sui Li Wang
2016Noninvasive method for determining the physical and mechanical characteristics of patients biological tissuesKopytov, A. A.; Tscymbalystov, A. V.; Kopytov, A.\A.; Leontiev, V. K.
2008Nonisothermal Filtration and Seismic Acoustics in Porous Soil: Thermoviscoelastic Equations and Lame Equations = Неизотермическая фильтрация и сейсмоакустика в пористых грунтах: уравнения термовязоупругости и уравнения ЛамеMeirmanov, A. M.
2005Nonlinear collective excitations in quasi-one-dimensional structures with spatial dispersionSavotchenko, S. E.