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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A method for production of phytomineralsorbent, physical and chemical properties of it, effect on the living systems and the quality of the livestock industry productsYakovleva, I. N.; Shaposhnikov, A. A.; Vesenzev, A. I.; Kovaleva, V. U.; Zakirova, L. R.
2015Blood indices of broiler-chickens after supplementing their diet with solutions containing B-group and L-carnitine vitaminsShaposhnikov, A. A.; Khmyrov, A. V.; Zakirova, L. R.; Sidorenko, L. L.
2016Chelate complexes of malic or citric acids with iron, manganese and zinc as a biologically active supplement for broiler chicken dietKochetkova, N. A.; Yakovleva, I. N.; Shaposhnikov, A. A.; Shevchenko, T. S.; Zakirova, L. R.
2016Influence of L-lysine sulfate on containing of vitamins and minerals in the body of broiler chickensShaposhnikov, A. A.; Yakovleva, I. N.; Nedopekina, I. V.; Krut, U. A.; Zakirova, L. R.
2020Polymorphism of CYP2C9 gene in patients with stable angina pectoris and its significance in pathogenesis of the diseaseRomaschenko, O. V.; Snegin, E. A.; Zhernakova, N. I.; Alferov, P. K.; Zakirova, L. R.
2020Structure of Purinergic P2Y₁₂ receptors and some aspects of their biochemistryShevchenko, T. S.; Skorkina, M. Yu.; Zakirova, L. R.; Shentseva, E. A.; Zhernakova, N. I.