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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Comparative analysis of the national scientific and edicational systems of Sub-Saharan African countries with the help of Open Access SourcesSizyoongo, Munenge; Moskovkin, V. M.; Balabanova, T. V.; Tonkov, E. E.
2021Compensation for environmental damage under international law and national legislationSinenko, V. S.; Tonkov, E. E.; Boltenkova, Yu. V.; Vasekina, E. M.; Turanina, N. A.
2019Constitutional and legal aspect of the legal experiment of migration regulation in the Russian Federation and GermanyMarkhgeym, M. V.; Novikova, A. E.; Tonkov, E. E.; Yevtushenko, V. I.; Zagaynova, G. G.
2019Constitutional court in public administration system in Moldova and RussiaMarkhgeym, M. V.; Novikova, A. E.; Rosenko, M. I.; Katorgina, N. P.; Tonkov, E. E.
2019Constitutional experiment: regulatory approaches in France and SpainMarkhgeym, M. V.; Zagaynova, G. G.; Gutorova, A. N.; Nifanov, A. N.; Tonkov, E. E.
2021Development of legislation on environmental insurance: experience of the European Union and RussiaSinenko, V. S.; Tonkov, E. E.; Belousov, S .A.; Iskevich, I. S.; Petergova, A. V.
2021Forest legislation of Peter the great: traditions and innovationsPenskoy, V. V.; Tonkov, E. E.; Kosolapova, N. A.; Svechnikov, N. I.; Alekseeva, S. G.
2019Humanitarian context of the principles of the judiciary in the constitutions of the countries of Eastern EuropeMarkhgeym, M. V.; Mikhaleva, G. G.; Novikova, A. E.; Treskov, A. P.; Tonkov, E. E.
2018Inadmissibility of experiments on people: constitutional imperatives of the post-soviet countriesZagaynova, G. G.; Lukyanchenko, V. V.; Novikova, A. E.; Tonkov, E. E.; Doronina, O. N.
2019Industrial Internet of things: concept and legal consciousness, meaning for industry 4.0Redkina, A. I.; Ponkin, I. V.; Markhgeym, M. V.; Novikova, A. E.; Tonkov, E. E.
2020Institution of legal restrictions: issues of theory and practice of regulationTonkov, E. E.; Turanin, V. Yu.; Belyaeva, G. S.; Lyubov, A.
2017Interpretation of the “refugee” term in the international legal actsand laws of the CIS countriesBorisov, G. A.; Safronova, E. V.; Sinenko, V. V.; Tonkov, E. E.; Turanin, V. Yu.
2016Interpretations of a Protest Variations in the HumanitiesMarkhgeym, M. V.; Novikova, A. E.; Polukhin, O. N.; Tonkov, E. E.; Zejnalbdyeva, A. V.
2018Land and natural resources in the constitutional subjects of the Eastern European countries and the regional experience of adaptation of the land use in the reform of land relationsMarkhgeym, M. V.; Novikova, A. E.; Tonkov, E. E.; Khlebnikov, A. D.; Levchenko, V. E.
2018Legal language as an intellectual and legal communication meansGrechkina, O. V.; Kornyushkina, A. Y.; Naruzhnaya, E. A.; Tonkov, E. E.; Turanin, V. Y.
2019Legal regulation of interreligious relations in the field of general education: the ratio of public and private interestsIvanova, O. S.; Chalykh, I. S.; Novikova, A. E.; Safronova, E. V.; Tonkov, E. E.
2021Legal regulation of rational energy production and consumption in Russia and other statesTonkov, E. E.; Turanin, V. Yu.; Lilikova, O. S.; Staroseltseva, M. M.; Gorshkova, E. A.
2021Legal regulation of rational nature management in the energy sectorTuranin, V. Yu.; Tonkov, E. E.; Kutko, V. V.; Timonina, V. A.; Gridchina, A. V.
2019Legal terminology phenomenon in the context of modern legal system evolutionTuranin, V. Yu.; Tonkov, E. E.; Kuprieva, I. A.; Pozharova, L. A.; Turanina, N. A.
2020National increment of the concept of sustainable development: experience of the EEU statesPasenov, A. N.; Chentsov, S. D.; Prozenko, E. D.; Rasskazov, L. P.; Tonkov, E. E.