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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A problem of risks of innovative development of higher education institutions in modern RussiaTarabaeva, V. B.
2022Comparative characteristics for the influence of academic stress on the mental health of the medical and pedagogical senior studentsRuzhenkova, V. V.; Tarabaeva, V. B.; Moskvitina, U. S.; Khamskaya, I. S.; Boeva, A. V.
2018Neuropsychological foundations of conscious self-regulation of studentsTarabaeva, V. B.; Grebneva, V. V.; Korneeva, S. A.; Moskalenko, S. V.; Sulima, T. V.
2011The development of higher educational institutions innovative potentialTarabaeva, V. B.
2019The prevailing mechanisms of psychological protection at persons with different dominance of temperamentGrebneva, V. V.; Kovtunenko, A. Yu.; Tarabaeva, V. B.; Moskalenko, S. N.