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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Comparative characteristic of correlation between pulse subjective indicators of girl students’ and school girls’ reaction to physical loadKozina, Z. L.; Iermakov, S. S.; Kadutskaya, L. A.; Sobyanin, F. I.; Krzeminski, M.
2019Ethno-didactic specifics of training chinese students in the russian language: the experience of russian universitiesIsaev, I. F.; Samosenkova, T. V.; Sobyanin, F. I.; Ignatova, I. V.; Novikova, T. F.
2021Pain tolerance versus competitive success in youth kickboxingSobyanin, F. I.; Poidunov, A. A.; Daupaev, M. O.; Malakhov, V. A.
2022Stages of emergence and development of freestyle wrestling in the West Kazakhstan region of the Republic of KazakhstanSobyanin, F. I.; Isaev, I. F.; Makashev, Sh. A.; Krivchenkov, V. V.
2016Study of Opinions of Teachers and Students on the Status and Ways of Improving the Higher Professional Physical EducationSobyanin, F. I.; Nikulin, I. N.; Kaduckaya, L. A.; Nikolaeva, E. S.; Polschikova, O. V.
2014Studying the Impact of the genetic polymorphisms of chemokines on the arterial pressure level and kidney function in patient with the chronic glomerulonephritisYushina, I. A.; Nekipelova, E. V.; Sirotina, S. S.; Sobyanin, F. I.; Zhernakova, N. I.