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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Functional food products in Europe=Функциональные продукты питания в ЕвропеGeorgescu, C.; Birka, A. G.; Myachikova, N. I.
2019Impact of baking properties of wheat flour on change the parameters of kneading and rheological characteristics of the doughBoltenko, Yu. A.; Myachikova, N. I.; Binkovskaya, O. V.; Remnev, A. I.; Semchenko, I. V.
2017Mahonia aquifolium as a promising raw material for the food industrySorokopudov, V. N.; Myachikova, N. I.; Georgescu, C.
2021Phytochemical analysis and antioxidant assay of Melissa Officinalis L. (lemon balm)Virchea, L. I.; Gligor, F. G.; Frum, A.; Mironescu, M.; Myachikova, N. I.
2016The influence of water content on wheat dough in changing the rheological characteristics and quality of the finished productBoltenko, Y. A.; Myachikova, N. I.; Binkovskaya, O. V.; Korotkikh, I. Y.; Zinoveva, I. G.
2019The methodology of the analysis and synthesis of rational choice recipes of cooking dishesMyachikova, N. I.; Remnev, A. I.; Binkovskaya, O. V.; Korotkikh, I. Yu.; Boltenko, Yu. A.
2018The use of the new apple hybrids fruits with red pulp in the food industrySolomatin, N. M.; Solomatina, E.; Sorokopudov, V. N.; Sorokopudova, O. A.; Myachikova, N. I.