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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Artificial intelligence versus public administration: limitations of applicationMorkhat, P. M.; Ponkin, I. V.; Markhgeym, M. V.; Botnev, V. K.; Turganbayev, A. O.
2019Constitutional and legal aspect of the legal experiment of migration regulation in the Russian Federation and GermanyMarkhgeym, M. V.; Novikova, A. E.; Tonkov, E. E.; Yevtushenko, V. I.; Zagaynova, G. G.
2020Constitutional and legal regulation of state authority interaction on citizen appeals: foreign experienceMarkhgeym, M. V.; Mikhaleva, G. G.; Novikova, A. E.; Klyagina, D. A.; Tsvetan Georgiev Sivkov
2019Constitutional court in public administration system in Moldova and RussiaMarkhgeym, M. V.; Novikova, A. E.; Rosenko, M. I.; Katorgina, N. P.; Tonkov, E. E.
2020Constitutional duties of the man and the citizen in the focus of doctrineMarkhgeym, M. V.; Tsaliev, A. M.; Kemryugov, T. Kh.
2019Constitutional experiment: regulatory approaches in France and SpainMarkhgeym, M. V.; Zagaynova, G. G.; Gutorova, A. N.; Nifanov, A. N.; Tonkov, E. E.
2018Dialectical approach to the study of legal phenomena and the processes using general scientific and private-science methodsMarkhgeym, M. V.; Morozova, O. A.; Nikonova, L. I.; Savchenko, M. S.; Sukhodolsky, G. M.
2020Educating the principles of judiciary in Eastern EuropeTreskov, A. P.; Markhgeym, M. V.; Matyusheva, T. N.; Mikhaleva, G. G.; Tkhabisimova, L. A.
2017Foreign experience of constitutional regulation of the right to informationGavrishov, D. V.; Guseva, A. A.; Kosolapova, N. A.; Markhgeym, M. V.; Novikova, A. E.
2019Freedom of speech in constitutional binds of eastern European countriesGelunenko, V. V.; Markhgeym, M. V.; Shadzhe, A. M.; Tkhabisimova, L. A.; Veliev, E. E.
2020Human rights risks in the constitutions of the American Federal StatesMarkhgeym, M. V.; Novikova, A. E.; Dmitriev, V. K.; Dzidzoev, R. M.; Larina, O. G.
2019Humanitarian context of the principles of the judiciary in the constitutions of the countries of Eastern EuropeMarkhgeym, M. V.; Mikhaleva, G. G.; Novikova, A. E.; Treskov, A. P.; Tonkov, E. E.
2020Implementation of inclusive education under the convention on the rights of disabled people: a comparative legal aspectLebed, A. V.; Guseva, A. A.; Karabutov, A. A.; Markhgeym, M. V.; Rusin, I. A.
2019Industrial Internet of things: concept and legal consciousness, meaning for industry 4.0Redkina, A. I.; Ponkin, I. V.; Markhgeym, M. V.; Novikova, A. E.; Tonkov, E. E.
2016Interpretations of a Protest Variations in the HumanitiesMarkhgeym, M. V.; Novikova, A. E.; Polukhin, O. N.; Tonkov, E. E.; Zejnalbdyeva, A. V.
2018Land and natural resources in the constitutional subjects of the Eastern European countries and the regional experience of adaptation of the land use in the reform of land relationsMarkhgeym, M. V.; Novikova, A. E.; Tonkov, E. E.; Khlebnikov, A. D.; Levchenko, V. E.
2020Latin American experience in constitutional and legal guarantees of freedom of the mediaTulnev, M. A.; Agafonova, N. Yu.; Krotov, A. V.; Kuksin, I. N.; Markhgeym, M. V.
2019Legal form of action: the issues of content and methodologyMakogon, B. V.; Markhgeym, M. V.; Minasyan, A. A.; Nincieva, T. M.; Novikova, A. E.
2019Logical classification of legal procedural restrictionsMakogon, B. V.; Markhgeym, M. V.; Minasyan, A. A.; Novikova, A. E.; Yarychev, N. U.
2020Protection indicator in the constitutions of the European FederationsMarkhgeym, M. V.; Novikova, A. E.; Tonkov, E. E.; Gutorova, A. N.; Tsaliev, A. M.