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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Agent model for evaluating efficiency of regional human resourceMamatov, A. V.; Konstantinov, I. S.; Mashkova, A. L.; Savina, O. A.
2014Creation of automated control system of environmental safety of an industrial complexIvashchuk, O. A.; Ivashchuk, O. D.; Konstantinov, I. S.; Mishunin, V. V.; Mamatov, A. V.
2015Decision algorithm of near-field microwave soundingKonstantinov, I. S.; Mamatov, A. V.; Sapryka, V. A.; Cherenkov, A. D.; Sapryka, A. V.
2019Decisive rule experimental studies to detect objects on the background of the earth surface using polarization differences of radar signalsBurdanova, E. V.; Zhilyakov, E. G.; Oleynik, I. I.; Mamatov, A. V.; Nemtsev, A. N.
2018Information support control by human resources construction cluster regionUdovenko, I. V.; Mamatov, A. V.; Ivashchuk, O. A.; Putivzeva, N. P.; Uzharinskiy, A. J.
2018Information support system for regional human resource developmentMamatov, A. V.; Konstantinov, I. S.; Mashkova, A. L.; Savina, O. A.
2011Innovation activity staffing of production plantTarasenko, O. S.; Mamatov, A. V.
2018Integrating Artificial Agent in the Simulation Model of the Russian Federation Spatial DevelopmentMashkova, A.; Savina, O.; Mamatov, A. V.
2018Numerical Solution of Rare Metal Leaching ProblemGaltsev, O. V.; Galtseva, O. A.; Belenko, V. A.; Mamatov, A. V.; Nemtsev, A. N.
1994Optimization of heating of glass during quenchingShutov, A. I.; Mamatov, A. V.
2019Simulating budget system in the agent model of the Russian Federation spatial developmentMashkova, A. L.; Novikova, E. V.; Savina, O. A.; Mamatov, A. V.; Mashkov, E. A.
2018Software Development to Assess the Dynamics of Stented Heart Vessel Rest enosis for ARM-CardiologistSivakov, S.I.; Nikitin, V.M.; Afanasiev, Y.I.; Mamatov, A. V.; Nemcev, A.N.
2016Technical aspects of creation of hel`s service-oriented IT-infrastructureIvashchuk, O. A.; Konstantinov, I. S.; Mamatov, A. V.; Udovenko, I. V.; Koskin, A. V.
2015The Model of Information Process of the Best Variant ChoiceFedoseev, A. E.; Nemtsev, A. N.; Belenko, V. A.; Mamatov, A. V.; Tsetsorina, T. A.
2014The modular structure of the adaptive machine learning systemLomakin, V. V.; Asadullaev, R. G.; Mamatov, A. V.; Pogorelyy, M. U.; Mishunin, V. V.
2015Theoretical analysis of electromagnetic field electric tension distribution in the seeds of cerealsKonstantinov, I. S.; Mamatov, A. V.; Sapryka, V. A.; Cherenkov, A. D.; Sapryka, A. V.