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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A new approach to dating the fallow lands in old-cultivated areas of the steppe zoneLisetskii, F. N.; Marinina, O. A.; Jakuschenko, D. G.
2008Agrogenic Transformation of Soils in the Dry Steppe Zone under the Impact of Antique and Recent Land Management Practices = Агрогенная трансформация почв сухостепной зоны под влиянием античного и современного этапов землепользованияLisetskii, F. N.
2020Archaeological ash deposits and soils formed on ash in the south of the East European PlainLisetskii, F. N.; Stolba, V. F.
2016Assessment and forecast of soil formation under irrigation in the steppe zone of UkraineLisetskii, F. N.; Pichura, V. I.
2019Assessment of biogeochemical soil variability using a geostatistical approach: a case study in the steppe CrimeaLisetskii, F. N.; Buryak, Z. A.; Marinina, O. A.
2015Basin and eco-regional approach to optimize the use of water and land resourcesYermolaev, O. P.; Lisetskii, F. N.; Marinina, O. A.; Buryak, Z. A.
2014Basin Organizations of Nature Use, Belgorod region = Бассейновая организация природопользования в Белгородской областиLisetskii, F. N.; Buryak, J. A.; Zemlyakova, A. V.; Pichura, V. I.
2016Biogeochemical features of fallow lands in the steppe zoneLisetskii, F. N.; Smekalova, T. N.; Marinina, O. A.
2022Biogeochemical features of soil formation without parent rock in natural conditions and in an urban environmentLisetskii, F. N.
2021Biomass of microbial communities in catenas of virgin and arable chernozems and gray forest soilsDushchanova, K. S.; Khomutova, T. E.; Ukrainski, P. A.; Lisetskii, F. N.; Borisov, A. V.
2020Catena linking of landscape-geochemical processes and reconstruction of pedosedimentogenesis: A case study of defensive constructions of the mid-17th century, South RussiaLisetskii, F. N.; Pichura, V. I.
2021Chemical data on ashy soils as an information basis for dating archaeological sitesLisetskii, F. N.; Poletaev, A. O.; Stolba, V. F.
2015Comparative assessment of methods for forecasting river runoff with different conditions of organizationLisetskii, F. N.; Pichura, V. I.; Pavlyuk, Y. V.; Marinina, O. A.
2020Comparative evaluation of pollution by heavy metals of ploughed and fallow land at various duration of agropedogenesisLisetskii, F. N.; Marinina, О. А.; Poletaev, А. O.; Zelenskaya, Е. Ya.
2016Duration estimating spending soil under active development of erosion processesLisetskii, F. N.; Muntian, A. N.; Zholumskaya, K. V.
2019Estimates of soil renewal rates: applications for anti-erosion arrangement of the agricultural landscapeLisetskii, F. N.
1987Evaluation of changes in humus formation conditions in Holocene steppe ecosystems of PrichernomoreLisetskii, F. N.
1987Evaluation of rate of reproduction of soil resourcesLisetskii, F. N.
2016Evaluation of siltation of rivers with intensive economic development of watershedsMarinina, O. A.; Yermolaev, O. P.; Maltsev, K. A.; Lisetskii, F. N.; Pavlyuk, Y. V.
2019Evaluation of soil biological activity by a vertical profile and erosion catenaLisetskii, F. N.; Vladimirov, D.; Cherniavskih, V.