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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Developing supply chain management and lean environment for improving the company performanceKucheryavenko, S. A.; Gayvoronskaya, S. A.; Popov, D. A.; Chistnikova, I. V.
2015Evaluation of Integration Interaction Effectiveness for Innovation Process SubjectsVaganova, O. V.; Balabanova, T. V.; Vladika, M. V.; Kucheryavenko, S. A.
2016Formation of the system of risk management in small and medium businessKucheryavenko, S. A.; Stenyushkina, S. G.
2014Genesis of the Russia’s economy innovative developmentVladika, M. V.; Balabanova, T. V.; Vaganova, O. V.; Kucheryavenko, S. A.; Stepanenko, S. N.
2019Integrated supply chain strategy with standardization of professional communication as lean manufacturing toolKucheryavenko, S. A.; Gayvoronskaya, S. A.; Chistnikova, I. V.; Vinnik, A. E.
2016Management of Innovative Process in the Economy at the Regional LevelVladika, M. V.; Balabanova, T.V.; Vaganova, O. V.; Kucheryavenko, S. A.; Galtsev, A. V.
2013Modeling of the integrated interaction of the innovation process subjectsBalabanova, T. V.; Vladika, M. V.; Vaganova, O. V.; Kucheryavenko, S. A.
2013Monitoring the Financial Status of an Enterprise as the Most Important Component of the Financial AnalysisKucheryavenko, S. A.; Vaganova, O. V.
2020Quality assessment of university students trainingKucheryavenko, S. A.; Stenyushkina, S. G.; Nazarova, A. N.; Bondarenko, B. A.
2016The analysis of indicators of social development in the macroregion (on the example of the Central federal district) = Анализ показателей развития социальной сферы макрорегиона (на примере Центрального федерального округа)Vaganova, O. V.; Kucheryavenko, S. A.; Bykanova, N. I.; Stenyushkina, S. G.
2013The problems of the functioning and development trend of small and medium-sized businessesSlmutowe, E.; Kucheryavenko, S. A.