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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008About regional indicators of steady development (On an example of the Belgorod area) = О региональных индикаторах устойчивого развития (на примере Белгородской области)Kornilov, A. G.; Petin, A. N.
2016Conformation of land management in areas of open and closed mining ore in the region of Kursk Magnetic AnomalyDrozdova, E. A.; Kornilov, A. G.; Oleynikova, V. A.
2019Current hydroecological situation of the Starooskolsko-Gubkinsky mining region on the example of the Oskolets RiverKornilov, A. G.; Kolmykov, S. N.; Prisny, A. A.; Lebedeva, M. G.; Kornilova, E. A.; Oskin, A. A.
2019Environmental aspects of post-operational bioremediation of the typical municipal solid waste landfill of the administrative districtPolshina, M. A.; Kornilov, A. G.; Ignatenko, I. M.; Sizov, V. V.; Kuzanyan, S. S.
2018Factor assessment of the aesthetic and consumer parameters of the regionLopina, E. М.; Kornilov, A. G.; Bondareva, Y. Y.; Kalugin, V. A.
2016Geochemical features of soils in the industrial area of the mining complexGadzhikerimova, A. G.; Novykh, L. L.; Kornilov, A. G.
2021Geoinformation methods for development of intensive animal husbandry in catchment basins of small rivers in the Belgorod RegionKiselev, V. V.; Pavlyuk, Ya. V.; Kornilov, A. G.; Buryak, Zh. A.
2014Hydrochemical situation of the Vorskla river in the vinicity of the mine YakovlevskyKolmykov, S. N.; Kornilov, I. A.; Kornilov, A. G.
2015Impact monitoring of mining enterprises of Kursk magnetic anomaly on hydro ecological river situation of the Belgorod regionKornilov, A. G.; Kolmykov, S. N.; Petina, M. A.; Lebedeva, M. G.
2019Macrofauna of hydrobionts in the Gubkinsko-Starooskolsky mining area: the case of the Oskolets RiverPrisny, A. V.; Kornilov, A. G.; Prisniy, Yu. A.; Kolmykov, S. N.
2018Modern geochemical situation in the area of mining facilities of Kursk Magnetic Anomaly (by the example of Mikhailovsky GOK)Kornilov, A. G.; Drozdova, E. A.; Novykh, L. L.; Khrisanov, V. A.
2014Regional manifestations of changes in atmospheric circulation in the Central Black Earth region : by the example of Belgorod regionPetin, A. N.; Lebedeva, M. G.; Krymskaya, O. V.; Chendev, Yu. G.; Kornilov, A. G.
2014Rehabilitation of disturbed areas for the development of ecological frame mining and industrial areas of KMADrozdova, E. A.; Kornilov, A. G.; Listopad, M. V.
2016Relationship of agro soil humus content and their structure stateNovykh, L. L.; Smirnova, L. G.; Pelehoce, E. A.; Kornilov, A. G.
2017Strategic orientations for systemic modernization of the Russian Federation’s social developmentFeraru, G. S.; Dakhova, M. N.; Moskovkin, V. M.; Kornilov, A. G.
2016The dynamics of hydro-ecological indicators of rivers in the area of placement mining enterprises of region KMAKurepina, V. A.; Kolmykov, S. N.; Kornilov, A. G.
2016The results of introduction of East Asian origin flowering plants in the southwest of Central Russian uplandTokhtar, V. K.; Маrtynova, N. А.; Tokhtar, L. А.; Kornilov, A. G.
2013Transformation of water bodies Starooskolsko-Gubkinsky mining region on the example of the river StaryKolmykov, S. N.; Kornilov, A. G.