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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Additional visits as a factor determining the psychoemotional status of a dentist and a patient requiring endodontic treatmentTscymbalystov, A. V.; Kopytov, A. A.; Bоrоzentseva, V. A.; Sorokina, T. V.; Gontarev, S. N.
2019Anatomical and physiological basis of the reduced occlusion syndromeVoytiatskaya, I. V.; Tscymbalystov, A. V.; Gayvoronskaya, M. G.; Lopuchanskaya, T. A.; Kopytov, A. A.
2016Comparative Evaluation of Lacquer Film Stability Applied to a Surface FluorinationTscymbalystov, A. V.; Kopytov, A. A.; Kuzmina, E. A.; Saraykina, O. S.
2016Determination of functional capacity of dentoalveolar apparatus in dental patients with temporo-mandibular joint dysfunctionTscymbalystov, A. V.; Lopushanska, T. A.; Kopytov, A. A.; Shevchenko, L. V.
2018Development and Preclinical Evaluation of Preparation Effectiveness for the Treatment of Hard Tooth Tissues after Temporary Filling RemovalBorozentseva, V. A.; Kuzmina, E. A.; Gapochkina, L. L.; Poklad, S. V.; Shinkarenko, T. N.; Kopytov, A. A.; Tscymbalystov, A. V.
2018Estimation of stabilometric indicators with a decrease in the interalveolar distanceVoytiatskaya, I. V.; Tsimbalistov, A. V.; Leontiev, V. K.; Ivanov, S. Y.; Kopytov, A. A.
2016Improvement of bactericidal properties of bentonite by means of sodium carbonateTscymbalystov, A. V.; Kopytov, A. A.; Deineka, L. A.; Shinkarenko, N. N.
2016Models of shifts and correlation links of hematological and immunological parameters of patients with chronic generalized periodontitisGontarev, S. N.; Tsymbalistov, A. V.; Gontareva, I. S.; Kopytov, A. A.; Ryzhova, I. P.
2016Noninvasive method for determining the physical and mechanical characteristics of patients biological tissuesKopytov, A. A.; Tscymbalystov, A. V.; Kopytov, A.\A.; Leontiev, V. K.
2018Preclinical manifestations of students’ eating disorders as an impact of the information and communication university environmentTscymbalystov, A. V.; Kopytov, A. A.; Volkova, O. A.; Leontiev, V. K.; Besschetnova, O. V.
2016Prerequisites to the formation the concepts of "reversible" and "irreversible" tooth stabilityTscymbalystov, A. V.; Kopytov, A. A.; Volobuyevа, E. V.; Ponomarev, A. A.
2016Quality assessment of endodontic treatment in patients, passed tomography examination in BelgorodTscymbalystov, A. V.; Kopytov, A. A.; Dorokhova, V. D.; Leontiev, V. K.
2019Social interaction as a factor of elderly and disabled peoples activity in receiving cardiovascular health services in RussiaTscymbalystov, A. V.; Volkova, O. A.; Besschetnova, O. V.; Kopytov, A. A.; Artyomova, Yu. S.
2016The method of surgical access while treatment of nonclostridial anaerobic infections of soft tissues of tongue and oral cavity floorOganecyan, A. A.; Leontiev, V. K.; Tscymbalystov, A. V.; Kopytov, A. A.; Oleinik, E. V.
2016The study of destruction of the compositions restoring the dentition integrity under uniaxial tensionTscymbalystov, A. V.; Kopytov, A. A.; Kuzmina, E. A.; Gontarev, S. N.; Оganesyan, A. A.