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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A comprehensive contribution of genes for aryl hydrocarbon receptor signaling pathway to hypertension susceptibilityPolonikov, A. V.; Bushueva, O. Y.; Bulgakovaa, I. V.; Freidin, M. B.; Churnosov, M. I.
2019A comprehensive study revealed SNP-SNP interactions and a sex-dependent relationship between polymorphisms of the CYP2J2 gene and hypertension riskPolonikov, A. V.; Ponomarenko, I. V.; Vagaytseva, K. V.; Stepanov, V. A.; Churnosov, M. I.
2015Altered erythrocyte membrane protein composition mirrors pleiotropic effects of hypertension susceptibility genes and disease pathogenesisPolonikov, A. V.; Ushachev, D. V.; Ivanov, V. P.; Churnosov, M. I.; Freidin, M. B.
2014Analysis of Involvement of Cytokine Genetic Polymorphisms in Development of Genital EndometriosisChurnosov, M. I.; Altuchova, O. B.; Demakova, N. A.; Evdokimov, V. I.; Sorokina, I. N.
2014Ancient human genomes suggest three ancestral populations for present-day EuropeansLazaridis, I.; Patterson, N.; Mittnik, A.; Renaud, G.; Churnosov, M. I.
2023Association between HSPA8 Gene Variants and Ischemic Stroke: A Pilot Study Providing Additional Evidence for the Role of Heat Shock Proteins in Disease PathogenesisKobzeva, K. A.; Soldatova, M. O.; Soldatov, V. O.; Deykin, A. V.; Churnosov, M. I.
2019Association of C3435T (rs1045642) polymorphism of the MDR1 gene with the increased risk of colorectal cancer in russian females from Central RussiaMoskalev, A. S.; Barysheva, E. M.; Soldatov, V. O.; Frolova, O. G.; Churnosov, M. I.
2014Association of Interleukins Genes Polymorphic Markers with Speed of CGN’s AdvanceNekipelova, E. V.; Sirotina, S. S.; Proshchaev, K. I.; Kalmykova, E. V.; Churnosov, M. I.
2014Associations of Cytokines Genetic Variants with Myomatous Knots SizesChurnosov, M. I.; Altuchova, O. B.; Demakova, N. A.; Krivoshei, I. V.; Evdokimov, V. I.
2017Associations of insertion-deletion polymorphism of angiotensin-converting enzyme with the risk of preeclampsia development among pregnant women in Central RussiaReshetnikov, E. A.; Yakunchenko, T. I.; Aristova, I. K.; Polonikov, A. V.; Churnosov, M. I.
2017Bioinformatic analysis of candidate genes for endometrial hyperplasiaPonomarenko, V. I.; Sorokina, I. N.; Rudyh, N. A.; Polonikov, A. V.; Churnosov, M. I.
2015Bioinformatic Analysis of the Liability to the Hyperplastic Processes of the UterusKrivoshei, I. V.; Altuchova, O. B.; Polonikov, A. V.; Churnosov, M. I.
2018Candidate genes and clinical-laboratory indices in pregnant women depending on the development of preeclampsiaReshetnikov, E. A.; Kulikovskii, V. F.; Batlutskaya, I. V.; Iakunchenko, T. I.; Churnosov, M. I.
2021CDKN2B-as1 gene polymorphism is associated with primary open-angle glaucoma in women of the central black earth region, RussiaEliseeva, N. V.; Ponomarenko, I. V.; Churnosov, M. I.
2014Chemokines Genetic Variants are Associated with Parameters of Humoral Immunity of Patients with Chronic GlomerulonephritisNekipelova, E. V.; Yushina, I. A.; Sirotina, S. S.; Rudyh, N. A.; Churnosov, M. I.
2018Clinical and genetic study of chronic kidney diseaseNekipelova, E. V.; Novakova, O. N.; Kulikovskij, V. F.; Zhernakova, N. I.; Churnosov, M. I.
2016Combination of genes rs2241423, rs12444979 and rs6732220 spreading analysis in patients with hyperplastic processes of the uterusKrivoshey, I. V.; Altuhova, O. B.; Krikun, E. N.; Churnosov, M. I.; Kapustin, R. F.
2018Correction of retinal ischemia/reperfusion by 3-(1H-benzimidazol-2-il)-1,2,2-trimethyl cyclopentancarbonic acid in experimentPeresypkina, A. A.; Levkova, E. A.; Yakushev, V. I.; Bunyatyan, N. D.; Churnosov, M. I.
2017Epistatic interactions in formation of hysteromyomaPonomarenko, V. I.; Altuchova, O. B.; Kulikovskiy, V. F.; Batlutkaya, I. V.; Churnosov, M. I.
2016Expression of indaleamine 2,3-dioxygenase mRNA in patients with spontaneous miscarriages at early stages of pregnancyLebedeva, O. P.; Yakovleva, O. N.; Pakhomov, S. P.; Churnosov, M. I.; Korotkikh, I. N.