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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Development of voltage fields in Titanium VT1-0 while forming a thin wedge-shaped twinKamyshanchenko, N. I.; Galtsev, A. V.; Belenko, V. A.; Nikulicheva, T. B.
2000Effect of pulse flows of charged particles on the structure and mechanical properties of metalsNeklyudov, I. M.; Voevodin, V. N.; Rybalko, V. F.; Kamyshanchenko, N. V.; Belenko, V. A.
2019Examination of trends in education with the Google Books Ngram ViewerMoskovkin, V. M.; Saprykina, T. V.; Pupynina, E. V.; Belenko, V. A.; Shumakova, I. A.
2018Numerical Solution of Rare Metal Leaching ProblemGaltsev, O. V.; Galtseva, O. A.; Belenko, V. A.; Mamatov, A. V.; Nemtsev, A. N.
2015The Model of Information Process of the Best Variant ChoiceFedoseev, A. E.; Nemtsev, A. N.; Belenko, V. A.; Mamatov, A. V.; Tsetsorina, T. A.