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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018An Overview of the Typology of the Morphological Features of the Arabic Language Based on WALS DatabaseAhmed Alduais
2017Architecture of information structure: implications from the t-model on the realisation aspects of topic and focus using examples from modern standard Arabic, English and Turkish languagesAhmed Alduais
2018Micro and Macro Typological Features of the Morphology of the Turkish Language: Conflicting Views between WALS Database and Non-WALS DatabaseAhmed Alduais
2017Non-verbal Communication across Cultures: a Case Study of Chinese, Polish, Turkish and (Yemeni) Arabic CulturesIssa Al-Qaderi; Ahmed Alduais; Sui Li Wang
2019The effect of the National plan (2010-2020) on the development of preschool education in China: evidence from before-after design at a 7-year interval and policy analysisAhmed Alduais; Meng Deng; Abdulghani Muthanna