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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Higher education studies and pregnancy: Challenges and balancesMaryam Nazir; Abdulghani Muthanna; Ahmed Alduais
2018Micro and Macro Typological Features of the Morphology of the Turkish Language: Conflicting Views between WALS Database and Non-WALS DatabaseAhmed Alduais
2017Non-verbal Communication across Cultures: a Case Study of Chinese, Polish, Turkish and (Yemeni) Arabic CulturesIssa Al-Qaderi; Ahmed Alduais; Sui Li Wang
2021Participatory action research on EFL students' difficulties during autodidacticism of challenging texts using cognitive, metacognitive and socio-affective reading strategiesLi Ma; Ahmed Alduais; Longfeng Jiang
2019The effect of the National plan (2010-2020) on the development of preschool education in China: evidence from before-after design at a 7-year interval and policy analysisAhmed Alduais; Meng Deng; Abdulghani Muthanna