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Title: The past that does not let go a few words about cultural studies of Maya
Authors: Zubarev, V. A.
Keywords: history
American history
history of the Maya
ancient civilization
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Zubarev, V.A. The past that does not let go a few words about cultural studies of Maya / V.A. Zubarev ; НИУ БелГУ // Научный результат. Сер. Социальные и гуманитарные исследования. - 2014. - Т.1, №2(2).-С. 103-105.
Abstract: The research is of great interest due to the overall situation in the history of the an-cient American civilizations, to the growing interest in religion, mythology, and the worldview of pre-Columbian inhabitants of America. Before the arrival of Europeans, the people on the unknown territory developed in their own special way. This fact is of particular interest as they didn’t feel the influence of other cultures and civilizations. The people did not adopt the experience of other nations. Their life, culture, writing, architecture, painting were unique and had no analogues. This isolation allows us to recreate and analyzes the way of evolution and the development of thinking. Also, here we have a huge, slightly unexplored cultural layer. The process of "discov-ery of America" has begun recently. It continues up to now. The Maya writing was deci-phered in the mid-twentieth century by the Soviet scientist-linguist Knorozov. In the selva of the Yucatan, the lost Maya cities were discovered almost every year
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