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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Altered erythrocyte membrane protein composition mirrors pleiotropic effects of hypertension susceptibility genes and disease pathogenesisPolonikov, A. V.; Ushachev, D. V.; Ivanov, V. P.; Churnosov, M. I.; Freidin, M. B.
2017Study of the associations between polymorphic markers rs1800629 TNFα, rs909253 Ltα, rs767455 TNFR1, rs1061624 TNFR2 and the development of type 2 diabetes = Изучение ассоциаций полиморфных маркеров генов факторов некроза опухоли и их рецепторов rs1800629 TNFα, rs909253 Ltα, rs767455 TNFR1, rs1061624 TNFR2 с формированием сахарного диабета 2 типаChurnosov, M. I.; Belousova, O. N.; Sirotina, S. S.
2017A comprehensive contribution of genes for aryl hydrocarbon receptor signaling pathway to hypertension susceptibilityPolonikov, A. V.; Bushueva, O. Y.; Bulgakovaa, I. V.; Freidin, M. B.; Churnosov, M. I.
2015Bioinformatic Analysis of the Liability to the Hyperplastic Processes of the UterusKrivoshei, I. V.; Altuchova, O. B.; Polonikov, A. V.; Churnosov, M. I.
2014Chemokines Genetic Variants are Associated with Parameters of Humoral Immunity of Patients with Chronic GlomerulonephritisNekipelova, E. V.; Yushina, I. A.; Sirotina, S. S.; Rudyh, N. A.; Churnosov, M. I.
2014Association of Interleukins Genes Polymorphic Markers with Speed of CGN’s AdvanceNekipelova, E. V.; Sirotina, S. S.; Proshchaev, K. I.; Kalmykova, E. V.; Churnosov, M. I.
2017Bioinformatic analysis of candidate genes for endometrial hyperplasiaPonomarenko, V. I.; Sorokina, I. N.; Rudyh, N. A.; Polonikov, A. V.; Churnosov, M. I.
2018Intergenic interactions and hyperplastic diseases of endo- and myometriumPonomarenko, V. I.; Kulikovskiy, V. F.; Krikun, E. N.; Dolzhikov, A. A.; Churnosov, M. I.
2018Genetic determinants of endometriosis and uterine myoma combinatinPonomarenko, I. V.; Kulikovskii, V. F.; Batlutskaya, I. V.; Polonikov, A. V.; Churnosov, M. I.
2015Genetic factors of hysteromyomaKrivoshei, I. V.; Altuchova, O. B.; Golovchenko, O. V.; Orlova, V. S.; Churnosov, M. I.