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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Flavonoid Composition of Juniperus oblonga BiebPisarev, D. I.; Novikov, O. O.; Novikova, M. Yu.; Zhilyakova, E. T.
2012The use of nanomechanic sensor for studies of morphofunctional properties of lymphocytes from healthy donors and patients with chronic lymphoblastic leukemiaSkorkina, M. Yu; Fedorova, M. Z.; Muravyov, A. V.
2008Metaboloic disorders in elderly diabetes patientsTukin, V. N.; Lipunova, Ye. A.
2009Nanotechnologies for the formation of medical implants based on titanium alloys with bioactive coatingsKolobov, Yu. R.
2011Estimation of oocytes quality while comparing two protocols of stimulation of superovulations among women with ovary cystic diseaseBatyreva, L. A.; Kulikova, S. S.; Lipunova, E. A.
2009Relationship between osteoinductive characteristics of biocomposite material and physicochemical characteristics of coatingFedorova, M. Z.; Nadezhdin, S. V.; Kolobov, Yu. R.; Ivanov, M. B.; Pavlov, N. A.; Zubareva, E. V.
2010Reaction of morfh-functional components of children's organism on ecological factors = Реакция морфофункциональных компонентов детского организма на экологический факторKrikun, E. N.; Kapustin, R. F.; Krikun, E. E.
2011Arginase inhibitor in the pharmacological correction of endothelial dysfunctionPokrovskiy, M. V.; Korokin, M. V.; Tsepeleva, S. A.; Pokrovskaya, T. G.; Kochkarov, V. I.
2008Hematologic state of elderly diabetes patients against metabolic disordersLipunova, Ye. A.; Skorkina, M. Yu.; Tukin, V. N.
2009Altered hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis activity in patients with chronic heart failureSivukhina, E. V.; Poskrebysheva, A. S.; Smurova, Iu. V.; Dolzhikov, A. A.; Morozov, Iu. E.