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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1983Mathematical simulation of stable and equilibrium river bed profiles and slopesTrofimov, A. M.; Moskovkin, V. M.
1984An abrasion (undercut) slope diffusion model (ASDMO-1)Trofimov, A. M.; Moskovkin, V. M.
2013University networks in the context of their academic excellence and openness: A comparative study of leading Czech and German universitiesMoskovkin, V. M.; Fraser, J. K.; Moskovkina, M. V.
2013Methodology for comparative analysis of university rankings, with the Mediterranean and Black sea region countries taken as an exampleMoskovkin, V. M.; Pupynina, E. V.; Zaitseva, N. P.; Lesovik, R. V.
2013Theorem about the number and structure of the singular points n-dimensional dynamical system of population dynamics Lotka-Volterra in context of informational analysis and modelingMoskovkin, V. M.; Merkulov, S. I.; Suleiman, B. N. E.; Lesovik, R. V.
2015Aggregate ranking of the world's leading universitiesMoskovkin, V. M.; Golikov, N. A.; Peresypkin, A. P.; Serkina, O. V.
1976Some problems of the theory of moving water along a slopeTrofimov, A. M.; Moskovkin, V. M.
2008Joint European-Russian research area: experience of preparing and managing european research projects for RussiaGirenko, A. F.; Moskovkin, V. M.
2011Open access to scientific knowledge and feudalism knowledge: Is there a connection?Moskovkin, V. M.
2008Two approaches to the internetization of research under globalization = Два пути "интернетизации" научных исследований в условиях глобализацииMoskovkin, V. M.; Savchenko, E. M.