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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Morphometric study of hippocampal neurons in chronic immobilization stressDolzhikov, A. A.; Tverskoi, A. V.; Bobyntsev, I. I.; Kriukov, A. A.; Belykh, A. E.
2015Peculiarities of polyneuropathy in the peripheral t-cell lymphoma with cytostaticsGubarev, Y. D.; Yatsenko, E. A.; Avdeeva, I. V.
2015Market research of russian market of medicinal preparations used in therapeutics of acute respiratory viral infection in pregnant womenSpichak, I. V.; Murashko, Yu. I.
2015The relationship between parameters of the peyer's patches of the small intestine in intact ratsMorozov, V. N.; Morozova, E. N.
2015Pharmacological correction of immune disorders in patients with chronic heart failure and ischemic heart diseaseOsipova, O. A.; Drapkina, O. M.; Kulikovskii, V. F.; Yarosh, A. L.; Osipov, P. G.
2015Optimization of methods of quality control drug steroid structure for example glucocorticosteroidPisarev, D. I.; Novikov, O. O.; Kornienko, I. V.
2015Simulation of total brain ischemia in ratsMartynova, O. V.; Gureev, V. V.; Pokrovskiy, M. V.; Martynov, M. A.; Solgalova, A. S.
2015Microscopic features of buccal epithelium in smokers students indo-dravidian race: by E. HootonAsadov R. I.Ogly; Morozova, E. N.; Zabolotnaya, S. V.; Mikhailik, T. A.; Morozov, V. N.
2015Structure and properties of lymphocytes’ surfaces in patients with chronic lymphoblastic leucosisTikunova, T. S.; Belyaeva, S. S.; Cherkashina, O. V.; Klochkova, G. N.
2015Application of technologies of atomic force microscope investigation for evaluation of structure and properties of blood cells’ surfacesSkorkina, M. Yu.; Yarosh, A .A.; Sladkova, Eu. A.; Zubareva, E. V.; Shamray, E. A.