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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015The relationship between parameters of the peyer's patches of the small intestine in intact ratsMorozov, V. N.; Morozova, E. N.
2015The effect of humoral factors released by hypoperfused placenta on fetal developmentGureev, V. V.; Antseferova, O. Y.; Lokteva, T. I.; Dolzhikov, A. A.
2018Investigation of the bischofite gel reparative effect on the linear wound modelMayorova, A. V.; Sysuev, B. B.; Khanaliyeva, I. A.; Tretyakova, E. V.; Evseeva, S. B.
2016New approaches of morfofunktional pharmacological correction of violations of cardiovascular system in experimental preeclampsiaGureev, V. V.
2016Evaluation efficiency of modern antidepressants by means of quantative pharmaco-EEGKudelina, O. M.; Khloponin, D. P.; Maklyakov, Y. S.; Zaika, V. G.; Gantsgorn, E. V.
2016Assessment of the DNA damage level in peripheral blood leukocytes of mice treated orally with Rapitalam in acute and therapeutic dosesKravchenko, D. V.; Avdeeva, N. V.; Korokin, M. V.
2018Correction of morphofunctional disturbances arising when modelling Preeclampsia with resveratrol and nicorandilStupakova, E. G.; Lazareva, G. A.; Gureev, V. V.
2018Imidazoline receptors agonists: possible mechanisms of endothelioprotectionSoldatov, V. O.; Shmykova, E. A.; Pershina, M. A.; Ksenofontov, A. O.; Zamitsky, Y. M.
2018Endothelial dysfunction: comparative evaluation of ultrasound dopplerography, laser dopplerflowmetry and direct monitoring of arterial pressure for conducting pharmacological tests in ratsSoldatov, V. O.; Malorodova, T. N.; Balamutova, T. I.; Ksenofontov, A. O.; Dovgan, A. P.
2018Correction of ischemic optic neuropathy in rats by carbamylated darbepoetinPeresypkina, A. A.