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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Complex correction of psychoemotional and immunological changes in patients with acneSamodai, O. V.; Reznikov, K. M.
2018Pharmacological correction of metabolic disorders in experimental acute pancreatitis on the background of chronic alcohol intoxicationBushmina, O. N.; Dolgareva, S. A.; Konoplya, A. I.; Loktionov, A. L.
2019Search for new pharmacological targets for increasing the efficiency of correction of cardiovascular diseasesKorokina, L. V.; Golubev, I. V.; Pokopejko, O. N.; Zagrebelnaya, A. V.; Demchenko, S. A.
2017Nuclear factor kappa B as a potential target for pharmacological correction endothelium-associated pathologyRagulina, V. A.; Kostina, D. A.; Dovgan, A. P.; Burda, Y. E.; Nadezhdin, S. V.
2017Pharmacological correction of intercept hemodynamics in acute kidney damage (part 1)Shramenko, K. K.; Gorodnik, G. A.; Shano, V. P.; Kuznetsova, I. V.; Grigorenko, A. P.
2017The main directions for pharmacological correction (combinations of drugs for general anesthesia) of neurological and cognitive disorders in patients with neoplasms of the central nervous systemKolesnikov, A. N.; Gorodnik, G. A.; Grigorenko, A. P.; Mustafin, T. A.; Kolesnikov, N. E.
2017Test system for evaluation of the influence of the biological activity of substances on the signal system of NF-κB: focus on the derivatives of 3- hydroxypyridineSkachilova, S. Y.; Ragulina, V. A.; Kostina, D. A.; Burda, Y. E.
2018Principles of pharmacological correction of pulmonary arterial hypertensionKorokina, L. V.; Zhernakova, N. I.; Korokin, M. V.; Pokopejko, O. N.
2018Pharmacological correction of intrarenal hemodynamic disorders in acute kidney injury (part 2)Shramenko, K. K.; Gorodnik, G. A.; Shano, V. P.; Kuznetsova, I. V.; Grigorenko, A. P.