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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Comparative assessment of physicians’ and senior medical students’ basic knowledge in treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseBontsevich, R. A.; Filinichenko, T. S.; Vovk, Y. R.; Gavrilova, A. A.; Prozorova, G. G.
2019Assessment of physicians’ and medical majors’ knowledge of asthma basics: current results of the ASSA-II studyBontsevich, R. A.; Mikhno, A. V.; Dudchenko, O. V.; Batisheva, G. A.; Prozorova, G. G.
2015Assessment of senior dental students and dental residents in matters of antimicrobial chemotherapyBontsevich, R. A.; Shchurovskaya, K. V.; Pokrovskaya, T. G.; Goryainova, L. Y.
2018Assessment of senior medical care majors’ knowledge in antimicrobial chemotherapyBontsevich, R. A.; Kirienko, J. A.; Bogatova, V. E.; Miliutina, E. V.; Kovalenko, V. S.
2016The choice of antimicrobial therapy among physicians in the treatment of gestational pyelonephritisChuhareva, N. A.; Bontsevich, R. A.; Shchurovskaya, K. V.; Denisova, D. S.
2016The analysis of preferences of obstetricians-gynecologists and therapists of Belgorod Region in heartburn and constipation treatment in pregnant women in comparison with All-Russian dataChuhareva, N. A.; Bontsevich, R. A.; Esayan, R. M.; Shchurovskaya, K. V.; Lysenko, A. V.
2018Assessment of physicians’ and senior medical students’ knowledge in treatment of patients with community-acquired pneumonia: Current results of the KNOCAP projectBontsevich, R. A.; Filinichenko, T. S.; Gavrilova, A. A.; Goncharova, N. Y.; Myronenko, O. V.