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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014The development of scientific and creative activity of future teachers of visual art in the process of research workDanilenko, A. P.
2014The development of teachers’ media competenceSakharieva, S. G.; Iskakov, B. A.
2015Communicative search for a way out of the impasse in cross-cultural communication: conditions for narrowing the "gaps" between the languagesCherkashina, T. T.; Novikova, N. S.; Sayenko, T. I.
2016Innovations in foreign (chinese) students’ grammar competence formation while training them russian as a foreign language: network technology and the module approachPetrova, L. G.; Moiseenko, O. A.
2017Application of ICT for foreign language educational material memorizing by engineering studentsYesenina, N. Y.
2017Implementing the principles of CLIL technology in the educational process of engineering universityGalitsyna, I. V.
2017Control in the process of foreign languages distance training in a nonlinguistic higher education institutionKuprina, O. G.
2017Motives in Brazilian school education according to the cultural historical perspective and the developmental education approach = Стимулирование образования в бразильской школе на основе культурно-исторической концепции и идей развивающего обученияFranco P. L. J.; Longarezi, A. M.; Marco de F. F.
2017Imitation-creation processes in teachers’ education = Имитационно-созидательные методы в педагогическом образованииDias de Sousa, W. D.; Longarezi, A. M.
2017Didactic principles and methods of developmental training AT a transitional AGE = Дидактические принципы и методы развивающего обучения в переходном возрастеLongarezi, A. M.; Araújo Souza L.M.