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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Didactic principles and methods of developmental training AT a transitional AGE = Дидактические принципы и методы развивающего обучения в переходном возрастеLongarezi, A. M.; Araújo Souza L.M.
2018The role o f basic and specific competences in the teaching of fine art in SerbiaFilipoviс (Филипович), S.; Vojvodic, M.
2017Motives in Brazilian school education according to the cultural historical perspective and the developmental education approach = Стимулирование образования в бразильской школе на основе культурно-исторической концепции и идей развивающего обученияFranco P. L. J.; Longarezi, A. M.; Marco de F. F.
2018Technique of realizing academic conditions of reflexive attitude formation for a prospective foreign language teacher in the course of professional trainingMelekhova, J. B.; Saigushev, N. Y.; Vedeneyeva, O. A.
2018The harmonization and education: some tendencies of the educational reform in the Republic of SerbiaTrifunovic, V.
2018A study on learning styles and their possible effect on academic performance among university students in GlasgowMa Li.
2018Gender of children and preschool program models as factors in preschool children’s creativityFilipović, S.
2018The organization of mathematics teaching at early years of the elementary school in BrazilCunha A.L.A.; Branquinho Xavier P; Smorzhok, M. V.
2018The experience of formation of schoo-lchildren’s healthy lifestyle in the conditions of activities of the regional innovative platform in Belgorod regionBogacheva, E. A.; Irkhin, V. N.
2016Bard song as a method of developing moral values in junior schoolchildren-Авторская песня как средство формирования нравственных ориентиров младших школьниковProkofieva, A. V.; Jakuszko, J. P.