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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Gender of children and preschool program models as factors in preschool children’s creativityFilipović, S.
2016The impact of artistic creativity on the children creativity=Влияние художественного творчества на развитие творческих потенциалов у детейZoranova, A.S.M.
2018Mastering students’ English fluency and proficiency through internet-based project activitiesProkopenko, Yu. A.; Karabutova, E. A.
2018Distance technical education: Brazilian case studyCosta R.L. da.; Thereza Júnior Al.H.
2019Mutual relation between Uzbekistan and the Russian Federation in the sphere of higher educationKhoshimov, U. K.
2019Some tendencies in teachers preparation for work with children of atypical development in the Republic of SerbiaTrifunovic, V. S.
2019Comparative assessment of physicians’ and senior medical students’ basic knowledge in treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseBontsevich, R. A.; Filinichenko, T. S.; Vovk, Y. R.; Gavrilova, A. A.; Prozorova, G. G.
2019Multiculturalism as a property of the educational environment of the collegeMakazhanova, Zh. M.; Mavrina, I. A.; Batayeva, F. A.
2018Assessment of senior medical care majors’ knowledge in antimicrobial chemotherapyBontsevich, R. A.; Kirienko, J. A.; Bogatova, V. E.; Miliutina, E. V.; Kovalenko, V. S.
2017An investigation of Chinese students’ grammar developmental sequence: a corpus study of academic writingPrystupa, V.