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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014The problem of turnover of the psychoactive substance al-cohol: abuse, consequences, countermeasuresOsintseva, AA.; Shapovalov, V. V.; Shapovalova, V. A.; Shapovalov (Jr. ), V. V.
2014A clinical case of idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension in patient with comorbid ischemic heart disease: the key stages of diagnosisZhuravlyova, L. V.; Filonenko, M. V.; Lopina, N. I.
2015Clinical case of acute chord rupture of the mitral valve posterior leaflet in older patient with comorbiditiesZhuravlyova, L. V.; Lopina, N. A.; Kuznetsov, I. V.; Lopin, D. O.; Kramarenko, I. A.
2015Approach to diagnosis of liver fibrosis: serum markers reviewZhuravlyova, A. K.; Ogneva, E. V.; Zhuravlyova, L. V.
2018Simplified mathematical modeling of the distribution process of licuroside and glycyram between the extractant and Glycyrrhizae radicesBoyko, N. N.; Makarevich, N. A.; Pisarev, D. I.; Zhilyakova, E. T.
2015On the issue of hygienic safety of emulsion type sauces enriched with seleniumGolovko, N. P.; Primenko, V. G.; Golovko, T. N.
2015Structure and properties of lymphocytes’ surfaces in patients with chronic lymphoblastic leucosisTikunova, T. S.; Belyaeva, S. S.; Cherkashina, O. V.; Klochkova, G. N.
2015Application of technologies of atomic force microscope investigation for evaluation of structure and properties of blood cells’ surfacesSkorkina, M. Yu.; Yarosh, A .A.; Sladkova, Eu. A.; Zubareva, E. V.; Shamray, E. A.
2019Familial translocation t(5;11)(q32;q23) resulting in Jacobsen syndrome and distal trisomy 5q31 in a female patientTorres, M. S.; Garria, A. G.; Lopez, A. C.; Martmez, A. B.; Rosado, L.A.M.