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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Sub-100 nanometer transverse gratings written by femtosecond laser pulses on a titanium surfaceMakarov, S.; Ionin, A. A.; Kudryashov, S. I.; Golosov, E. V.; Kolobov, Yu. R.
2013Structure and properties of low modulus titanium alloy Ti-26Nb-7Mo-12ZrGolosova, O. A.; Ivanov, M. B.; Kolobov, Y. R.; Vershinina, T. N.
2011Mechanical properties, density, and defect structure of VT1-0 titanium after intense plastic deformation due to screw and longitudinal rollingsBetekhtin, V. I.; Kolobov, O. R.; Narykova, M. V.
2010Changes in misorientations of grain boundaries in titanium during deformationSalishchev, G.; Mironov, S.; Zherebtsov, S.; Belyakov, A.
2011Structure and properties of titanium β-alloys Ti-Nb-Mo-Zr of medical purposeGolosova, О. А.; Vershinina, T. N.; Ivanov, М. B.
2010Structure and properties of hydrostatically extruded commercially pure titaniumZherebtsov, S.; Lojkowski, W.; Mazur, A.; Salishchev, G.
2013Femtosecond laser modification of titanium surfaces: direct imprinting of hydroxylapatite nanopowder and wettability tuning via surface microstructuringIonin, A. A.; Kudryashov, S. I.; Golosov, E. V.; Goryainov, A. A.; Kolobov, Yu. R.
2011Evolution of grain and subgrain structure during cold rolling of commercial-purity titaniumZherebtsov, S. V.; Dyakonov, G. S.; Salem, A. A.; Malysheva, S. P.; Salishchev, G. A.
2011Surface modification of titanium by pulsed laser radiation of femtosecond durationGolosov, E. V.; Emelyanov, V. I.; Ionin, A. A.; Kolobov, Yu. R.; Kudryashov, S. I.
2014Twinning induced nanostructure formation during cryo-deformationKlimova, М.; Dyakonov, G.; Zherebtsov, S.; Salishchev, G.; Molodov, D.